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Facilities in Cowey 1 meeting room

The room can be used on its own, or the dividing wall between it and Cowey 2 may be removed to enlarge the space. Training on how to split/join the room can be obtained from the team.

When used split from Cowey 2 it is imperative that you disable the microphones and speakers in the Cowey 2 room. Details on how to do this will be provided during your training session.

At the front of the room is a lectern and audio/visual rack. The lectern provides a power point, ethernet socket and fall back HDMI socket (see below). Tables/chairs are available in the Cowey 2 cupboards.

Please do not connect high-wattage devices to the lectern power point - it cannot provide more than 3A (approximately 690W).

Please do not move the lectern - doing so may damage the cables connecting it to the floor. If you do not require the lectern then please contact to arrange for it to be temporarily removed.

As with the Cowey 2 room, floor boxes provide power and ethernet for the tables.

Please ensure that all cable access flaps are opened when the floor boxes are used to prevent damage to cables. If you need to plug in an all in one charger/mains plug then you should remove the floor box cover to prevent damage to your charger.