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How to use a Teams room

Using a room

When idle and the room screen is awake a calendar showing the upcoming meetings for today will be on the left of the screen. If you haven't scheduled a meeting, confirm that your use of the room wont overlap with the displayed bookings.

When you enter the room, ensure the display is turned on (either with the supplied remote control or touch panel) and touch the Teams control panel to wake it. Once woken the Poly sound bar's light bar will change state, initially to a red bar (from light amber whilst in stand-by). If you will be using the camera, make sure that the lens cap has been removed (if present).

Important notes

​For all people present in the room who will be presenting content from a device, they should join the meeting on this device and select Don't use audio. If you forget to do this you will almost certainly experience audio feedback - immediately mute all microphones/speakers on these devices, wait for the feedback to subside and then enabled the microphone on the Teams control panel only.

if you wish to share sound from videos/presentations etc from your computer you must choose Don't use audio and then toggle the Include computer sound option in the join meeting window. N.B. on a macOS device you will need to install a driver the first time you do this - follow the prompts on screen.

Joining a scheduled meeting

Use the control panel on the table/desk/shelf to join the scheduled meeting - your meeting should appear on the left of the touch screen, touch it to begin the meeting. 


You use the room without booking, you have several options:

Meet now

On the Teams panel touch the Meat Now icon. This will display a meeting creation interface into which you can invite participants. Add the meeting participants and touch Start meeting to initiate the call. If you have participants in the room who are likely to need to share content add them to the invite list. These of course can be added during the call. If you need to use a device to share content, then remember to add your email address to the call.

Invite the room

In your Teams meeting on your device, add a participant and start typing the name of the meeting room to search for the room you are in (see table above). Click Request to join and then on the Teams panel touch Accept to join the room to the meeting. If you didn't schedule the meeting then join the meeting on a device and then add the meeting room's address to the participants.

Room audio

WARNING: This method doesn't always work. If you find the room displays an accept button on the room screen (not the touch panel) please use one of the other methods above - you will need to wait for the call to time out (approximate one minute).

When joining the Teams meeting on your device you can choose 'Room audio'​. If your device has bluetooth enabled then Teams should automatically detect the room you are in and automatically populate the room name field.

Controlling the room​​ during the m​eeting

On the left of the touch panel you will see details of the meeting itself and on the right the participants in the meeting, along with the status of their cameras and microphones.

Anyone who needs to present or is not in the room needs to have been either invited in advance or added to an existing call. To add a participant, touch the Invite someone field at the top of the touch screen and start typing their (or the remote room's) name.

At the bottom of the touch screen you will find icons that allow you to control the main screen layout, raise the room's hand, control the room volume, turn on/off the camera and microphone and end the call. The ellipsis (...) offers options for holding/resuming the call and turning on live captions.

A summary of controls is available in this PDF.

Presenting without network access

If you have a visitor who wishes to present and who doesn't have Eduroam access and you have been unable to obtain an OWL Visitor WiFi password then you can connect a laptop to the HDMI cable provided (using the lectern's HDMI socket if in the seminar room) and then in the Teams call use the Share icon (box with an arrow coming out of it). 

The seminar room also supports wire-free presentation using the Barco Clickshare, if you have no need for Teams. If you use this HDMI input, the video feed will appear on the in room screens only. If the room is already joined to the meeting then remote participants will be able to see the screen contents via the room camera. 



Only for use in exceptional circumstances – not university supported.

It is possible to invite a Teams room to a Zoom meeting. This is done by creating an Outlook appointment on your computer and inviting the Teams room by entering its name or email address into the attendee field. The Zoom invite details (Zoom link, meeting ID and passcode) need to be pasted into the location field.  Once this is done the Zoom appointment should appear on the Teams room panel and screen display.