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How to request help from WIN IT Staff

WIN IT uses a ticketing system to log and respond to all requests for help. If you use this (rather than emailing support staff directly) then all IT Team members are able to respond to your query and track the progress of your request.

To request help send an email to describing your problem or request. In return you will receive an email detailing the ticket number that you have been allocated. Further interaction with will be via email - do not change the subject of the email, as this is used by the ticketing system to match up your response with your ticket.

Please include as much detail as possible in your initial request, for example screen shots (if relevant), error messages, what you do to cause the issue.

DO NOT include any passwords you use to access a service and never include personal information (such as MR scan subject details).

Should you not receive a response within two working days, please reply to the most recent communication querying the progress of the ticket.

A self-service WIN Computer account system is available at This allows you to reset your WIN computer account password, view and book safety training sessions, manage your researchers/view your IT bills (PIs only) and manage your mailing list subscriptions.


WIN IT maintain a mailing list which is used to advise of unexpected/unplanned system problems or maintenance work. Everyone holding an active WIN computer account is subscribed to this list, but we rely on you keeping your email address up-to-date - check to make sure that this has the correct contact email address (University email address preferred) for yourself.