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The UKBB data set is available on the BMRC facilities. To gain access you need to be added to one or more of the following groups:


  • win-ukb-imaging​ - this group gives access to the MRI imaging data​
  • win-ukb-genetics - this group gives access to the Genetics information
  • win-ukb-life - this group gives access to the lifestyle data


Approval for addition to these groups must come from Professor Smith or WIN IT. 

​Once you are in the appropriate groups the data is available in the following locations:

  • Imaging - /well/win-biobank/projects/imaging/data/data3
  • Genetics - /well/win-biobank/projects/genetics/data/v3/21k
  • Lifestyle - /well/win-biobank/projects/life/data/...​ (not currently available?)​

N.B. ​You must 'cd' directly to the appropriate final folder (e.g. data3 in the case of the imaging dataset) as the permissions on the parent folders will not allow you to view the contents of the 'data' folder only pass through it (so no tab-completion).