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Simultaneous multi-slice or multi-band parallel imaging is frequently used in fMRI to accelerate acquisition. In this study, we propose a new a non-water-suppressed multi-band MRSI using a density weighted concentric ring trajectory (DW-CRT) acquisition. The properties of multi-band acquisition scheme were compared against single-band acquisition in phantoms and in-vivo experiments. High-quality spectra were acquired for all simultaneously acquired three slices from a limited volume of interest with an in-plane resolution of 5 × 5 mm2 in 19.2 min. The achieved in vivo spectral quality of the multi-band method allowed the reliable metabolic mapping of four major metabolites with Cramér-Rao lower bounds below 50%, using a LCModel analysis. Metabolite maps and LCModel quality metrics were compared between multi-band and single-band acquisition schemes for both phantom and in-vivo measurements. Structural similarity (SSIM) index and conventional coefficient of variance analysis of both phantom and in-vivo measurements revealed a SSIM index higher than 0.83, corresponding to a coefficient of variance of less than 30%. These findings demonstrate that our multi-band DW-CRT MRSI demonstrate a multi-band acceleration, simultaneously acquired 3 slices, with no apparently loss in spectral quality, reducing scan time by a factor of 3 without any significant penalty.

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