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Juliet Semple

BSc (Hons) Radiography MSc

Lead Research Radiographer (OHBA)

Juliet Semple is the Senior Research Radiographer lead for the OHBA Siemens 3 Tesla Prisma MRI Scanner. She provides the radiography lead and expertise in OHBA.

She has extensive MRI experience as a Neuroradiographer and has been qualified and registered with the HCPC as a radiographer for 20+ years. During this time she has acquired a portfolio of CPD and obtained an MSc Medical Imaging (MRI).

Juliet moved to OHBA in 2016 when the MRI scanner was installed after holding the position of Senior Research Radiographer for the Acute Vascular Imaging Centre (AVIC) at the John Radcliffe Hospital. There she worked in a cutting-edge clinical environment performing advanced MRI research techniques (neuro and cardiac), as part of a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, radiographers, nurses, and physicists spanning both the University of Oxford and NHS.

Prior to that Juliet has worked clinically as a neuroradiographer in Oxford and London. She gained extensive research MRI scanning expertise whilst at the IoP/Maudsley with Prof Steve Williams’ group where undertook international collaborative research, performing fMRI, spectroscopy and high-resolution structural imaging.