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Dr Catharina Zich

Honorary Researcher

I am a postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Nick Ward and Prof. Sven Bestmann at UCL (Department of Clinical and Movement Neurosciences) and a honorary researcher at NDCN. 

My main research aim is to advance our understanding of movement-related brain activity to facilitate human motor plasticity. To this end I use a suit of neuroimaging techniques. My key methods are EEG and MEG.

During my PhD at the University of Oldenburg with Prof. Stefan Debener and Dr. Cornelia Kranczioch I used EEG-based neurofeedback and tDCS to modulate movement-related neural activity in younger and older healthy adults as well as in stroke survivors. During my postdoc with Prof. Charlotte Stagg I used Hidden Markov Modelling to characterise movement-related changes in cortical beta and gamma activity.