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If you are interested in visiting our lab or completing an internship with us, please contact us by email:


Justin andrushko

Visiting Researcher (Mitacs Globalink Research Award): January – June 2019

Justin Andrushko is a PhD student in the College of Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Farthing in the Neuromuscular Physiology Lab. Justin’s research primarily focuses on cross-education which is a neuromuscular phenomenon whereby unilateral strength or skill training with one limb has a positive ‘transfer effect’ to the opposite non-trained limb. Justin also has research interests in motor learning, fatigue and brain plasticity. Justin was awarded a Graduate Thesis Award at the University of Saskatchewan for his M.Sc. research which focused on the preservation effects of cross-education, where single arm strength training was found to preserve muscular size and strength in an opposite casted arm. Justin has received a Mitacs Globalink Research Award to spend five months working with Professor Charlotte Stagg in the Physiological Neuroimaging Group to learn about Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and resting-state functional connectivity research. During his time in Oxford, Justin will conduct a study investigating the impact of peripheral muscle fatigue on network level changes in inhibition and functional connectivity.


Saeed Babadi

Visiting PhD Candidate from McGill University: Summer 2018

Saeed Babadi is a PhD candidate in the kinesiology program at McGill University under supervision of Dr. Theodore Milner in the Neuromuscular Control Lab. His research is predominantly concerned with the analysis of functional connectivity in resting-state brain networks in order to investigate the functions of specific regions of the sensorimotor network during different stages of motor learning. Saeed received a Graduate Research Mobility Award to visit the laboratory of Dr. Charlotte Stagg at the University of Oxford to learn about brain stimulation techniques and MR spectroscopy, and potentially how to combine them with functional brain imaging and connectivity analysis, particularly in rehabilitation applications.



Visiting Medical Student from Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong
Andrew spent 6 weeks in our group from May to June 2018. He assisted DPhil student Ainslie Johnstone with analysis on a tDCS experiment, investigating how individual differences in how much current enters the brain, and where the current travels, influences tDCS-induced changes. He used current flow modelling (simNIBS), diffusion tensor imaging and resting state functional MRI techniques for his analysis work.
Andrew said: “As an aspiring neurologist, I found my 6-week research attachment at the Physiological Neuroimaging Lab truly eye-opening, as I learned important research techniques and analytical tools that are highly applicable to my clinical career. In particular, my increased understanding of the MRI and DTI modalities and exposure to non-invasive brain stimulation techniques (TMS and tDCS) will definitely make me well-prepared for the rapid integration of novel technologies in the clinical diagnosis and management of neurological diseases in the upcoming years. Most importantly, the experience has further affirmed my desire to pursue the path of a clinician-researcher. I would like to thank Professor Stagg and Ainslie, in particular, for their guidance and support during my stay.”



Visiting Researcher (Osler Travel Grant): Autumn 2016, Spring 2017

Julia Nantes was a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar and PhD candidate in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience at McGill University. Her work in our group was to investigate the neurophysiology of anti-NMDA receptor mediated encephalitis, in collaboration with Sarosh Irani.  Julia used ultra-high field MR imaging and spectroscopy to investigate the pathophysiology of the disorder.

Find out more about Julia's research within our group here.


Christiane Weinrich

Visiting Clinical Fellow from University of Göttingen

Dr Christiane Weinrich was a visiting clinical fellow, co-mentored by Prof. Peter Brown.  She is primarily interested in the role of oscillatory activity in underpinning functional connectivity in the brain, and how pathological changes in these affect functioning in Parkinson’s Disease. 

During her time here she performed an experiment using fMRI to study the effects of tACS in healthy controls, showing subtle and important changes in connectivity patterns during beta frequency stimulation.  Her results are currently being written up for publication.


Paul Reidler

Visiting Fellow from University of Munich

Paul Reidler was a visiting fellow in the lab.   He is primarily interested in combined EEG-MRS techniques, and while in the lab performed a study investigating GABA changes during naps in the scanner.  His visit forms the basis of an on-going collaboration with Dr Keeser (University of Munich).