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Visiting student, Andrew M Li, has received a grant to fund his 6-week research internship within the group

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Visiting student Andrew M Li has been awarded the Chui's Student Excellence Scheme - Ho King Chun Leadership Fund Award to support his 6-week research internship within the Physiological Neuroimaging Group. Andrew is one of only five students to be awarded this through he scheme.

The scheme was established in 2013 to support outstanding University of Hong Kong full-time students to attend prestigious conferences and symposia, join esteemed competitions; and those with a proven record in services and service learning to initiate and lead such projects to improve human condition.
The scheme offers three award types, one being the Ho King Chun Leadership Fund award.
The Ho King Chun Leadership Fund aims to support outstanding students to attend prestigious academic conferences, symposia, congresses, conventions, and other scholarship exchange activities.
More information on the award can be found here.
During his research internship, Andrew worked with DPhil student Ainslie Johnstone, assisting with analysis on a tDCS experiment, investigating how individual differences in how much current enters the brain, and where the current travels, influences tDCS-induced changes. He will be learning and applying current flow modelling (simNIBS), diffusion tensor imaging and resting state functional MRI techniques for his analysis work.