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Julia Nantes awarded grant to visit PiNG Group in the Autumn

We are pleased to announce that Julia Nantes, a PhD student from McGill University has been awarded the highly competitive Osler Graduate/Postgraduate Research Travel Award.  Julia will be coming to work with us in the autumn for a few months.

Julia Nantes is a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar and PhD candidate in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience at McGill University. In 2012, she completed her BSc degree (Honours Specialization in Physiology and Psychology) at Western University in London, Canada. Julia’s PhD research at McGill University under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Koski investigates neurotransmitter involvement in human neurological disease using non-invasive tools. This multimodal project has involved structural and functional neuroimaging, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and neuropsychological assessments to understand the pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis.

Her work here will be to investigate the neurophysiology of anti-NMDA receptor mediated encephalitis with Sarosh Irani.  Julia will be using ultra-high field MR imaging and spectroscopy to investigate the pathophysiology of the disorder.

Julia says: "The Osler Travel Award provides me with the valuable opportunity to extend my expertise in clinical neuroscience through a research experience at Oxford University. I am fortunate to work with Dr. Charlotte Stagg and other collaborators at Oxford to learn cutting-edge techniques and undertake an intriguing research project abroad.”

The Osler Graduate/ Postdoctoral Research Travel Award provides support for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from McGill or ZNZ to travel to Oxford in order to undertake research to advance their scientific expertise. More details can be found here.