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Prof Peter Jezzard Director of Clinical Physics
Prof Karla Miller Director of Neuroscience Physics
Principal Investigators
Dr Nicholas Blockley Head of FMRI Physiology
Dr Mark Chiew Head of Image Reconstruction
Prof Stuart Clare Head of Translational Physics
Dr Tom Okell Head of Neurovascular Imaging
Post-Doctoral Researchers Project (PI)
Dr William Clarke Ultra-High Field Imaging (Clare)
Dr Michiel Kleinnijenhuis Microstructural Imaging (Miller)
Dr Daniel Papp Translational Development (Clare)
Dr Kevin Ray Neurovascular Imaging (Jezzard)
Dr Sebastian Rieger Physics Support (Clare)
Dr Alex Smith Molecular Imaging (Jezzard)
Dr Alan Stone BOLD Physiology (Blockley)
Dr Benjamin Tendler MRI-Histology (Miller)
Dr Johanna Vannesjo Spinal Imaging (Miller/Tracey)
DPhil Students
Project (Supervisor)
Jack Allen Vascular Imaging (Jezzard)
Robert Brand Acute Stroke Imaging (Jezzard/Blockley)
Matthew Cherukara BOLD Physiology (Blockley/Chappell)
Amy Howard Polarized Light Imaging (Miller/Jbabdi)
Istvan Huszar Post-Mortem Imaging in ALS (Miller/Jenkinson)
Hongbae Jeong RF Safety at High Field (Jezzard/Hess)
Harry Mason FMRI Reconstruction (Chiew/Miller)
Caitlin O'Brien Neurovascular Imaging (Jezzard/Okell)
Feng Qi Post-mortem Imaging (Miller/Hurley)
Sophie Schauman Accelerated Vessel-Selective MRI (Okell/Chiew)
Yuhang Shi Dynamic Shimming (Clare/Vannesjo)
Yan Tong Parallel Transmission (Jezzard)
Chaoyue Wang Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (Miller/Tendler)
Joe Woods Blood Flow Mapping (Okell/Chappell)
Wenchuan Wu Diffusion Acquisition (Miller/Koopmans)
Ti (Tianyou) Xu Microstructural Susceptibility (Miller/Foxley)
Adjunct Members
Prof Daniel Bulte Engineering Science, Oxford
Dr Iulius Dragonu Siemens Healthcare
Dr Uzay Emir Purdue University
Dr Samuel Hurley University of Wiscosin
Jeroen Mollink Radboud University
Dr Lior Weizman Technion, Israel