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Full guidance on Open Access publishing is available on the Bodleian's Open Access webpage. This guidance only covers the Wellcome Trust Open Access policy because all WIN staff must comply with this.

Guidance Documents

Complying with the Wellcome Open Access policy at WIN

Attachments referred to in the main document:

Decision tree figure in pdf format: what do I need to do to publish in journal X?

​Examples of how to interpret the Journal Checker tool

List of fully OA and Transformative journals (eligible for APC/OA fee payment by WT - editable)

FAQ (under construction - feel free to submit questions)

Presentations on Open Access

Powerpoint presentation June 2021 (Open Access at Oxford and new Wellcome policy)

Publishing Open Access at WIN' Presentation - ​​April 2020 (Note: this was presented before the new 2021 WT OA policy, some information may be outdated)  

Rights Retention Text

The Wellcome Trust require all WIN members to include the following sentence in the acknowledgements section of their publications:

This research was funded in whole, or in part, by the Wellcome Trust [Grant number xxxxx]. For the purpose of open access, the author has applied a CC BY public copyright licence to any Author Accepted Manuscript version arising from this submission.

Update on Springer Nature journals (March 2023)

JISC and UK institutions are currently in negotiation with Springer to establish a sustainable read and publish deal. One of the main pinch points is the lack of transparency behind their open access pricing.

The previous two deals, one covering the fully open access/Nature journals and another covering other Springer hybrid journals, both ended 31 Dec 2022. The deal covering the hybrid Springer journals (UK Springer Compact/Open Choice Agreement) has been temporarily extended while negotiations are ongoing. 

Nature hybrid journals (e.g., Nature Neuroscience, Nature) are NOT covered by this continued agreement and do not qualify for APC costs to be covered by the block grant. You can currently only publish in these journals by using the Rights Retention Strategy and opting for the green route. This means that it is very important to include the Rights Retention Text at the point of submitting.

If you are planning on submitting to any Springer Nature journal in the next few months, please check with either Kaitlin, Iske or the Bodleian APC team first.

Update on requesting APC payment (March 2023)

The university's policy is now to check your journal's eligibility with before submitting your paper. As before, once your paper is accepted you will need to send them the APC payment request form. When you receive the (usually) online permission and payment forms from the publisher, fill in your author details etc. but stop at the page with payment details. Send the link to the half-completed, unsubmitted form along with your APC request form to the Bodleian team, and they will handle payment with the publisher directly. Please do not request an invoice or raise a PO yourself.

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