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09:00-9:40 Registration, and poster set up
09:40-9:45 Welcome
Platform Session 1: Imaging Cells (Chair: Ilan Davis)
09.45-10.00 Francesco Reina – Lipid tracking a kilohertz sampling rates on live cell membranes
10.05-10.20 Nicholas Hall – Accessible adaptive optics and super-resolution microscopy to enable improved imaging
10.25-10.40 Liliana Barbieri – Advanced super-resolution microscopy techniques for quantifying immune response
10.45-11:00 Will Hardiman – Non-invasive micro-rheology of living cells
11.05-12.05 Poster Session 1 + Tea/Coffee: Odd numbered posters presented, and opportunity to network
12.05-13.00 Annual Guest Lecture: Daniel Rueckert, Technical University of Münich, Germany: "Title: The use of AI in biomedical imaging" (introduced by Alison Noble)
13.00-13.40 Buffet Lunch
13.40-14.40 Poster Session 2 + Tea/Coffee: Even numbered posters presented, and opportunity to network
Platform Session 2: From Histology to Humans (Chair: Penny Gowland)
14.40-14.55  Istvan Huszar – What can we learn from slicing and reassembling brains?
15.00-15.15 Amy Howard – The BigMac dataset: linking microscopy with MR signals throughout the brain
15.20-15.35 Nicola Dinsdale – Unlearning scanner bias
15.40-15.55 Molly Rea – Next generation wearable MEG
16:00 Close