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Details about the changes planned for the 24th April 2023

What is happening?

The file servers that house the jalapeno cluster user home folders, the shared software installations (e.g. MATLAB, FSL), the FMRIB MRI TWIX data, /vols/Data spaces and some group scratch folders is being replaced with a new system. To ensure consistency of data stored on this service all access needs to be disabled prior to completion go the final transfer of data.

When is this happening?

The swop over is planned to take place on April 24th, with works intended to be completed before the end of the working day. This may spill over into the 25th if issues are experienced.

What is effected?

FMRIB Cluster

To complete the swop over we need to completely clear running jobs from the cluster - queued jobs will be left on the queues pending completion. To enable this, we will be disabling the verylong and bigmem queues on the morning of the 14th of April. The long, short, interactive and cuda queues will be disabled on the morning of the 21st.

Jalapeno, jalapeno00 and jalapeno18 will be shut down on the morning of the 24th and will not return until the work is complete.

FMRIB/Annexe iMac computers

Access to server home and /vols/Data from iMac desktops via NFS will cease on the 24th and will NOT return after the work due to stability and performance issues with macOS clients. Shared software installs will remain being served from the old file server until a replacement is completed. For direct access to /vols/Data, Scratch and server home folders we recommended the use of our new SMB service which will launch as a supported service after transition to the new file server is complete.

FMRIB/Annexe Linux desktops

These computers will be unable to access server homes and /vols/Data shares during the works - you must log out for us to complete the transfer - this access will return after the work is complete.


Transfer of and access to TWIX data will be unavailable during the works.

Preview SMB Service

The SMB service will be unavailable during the work.