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Christiane Weinrich

Visiting Clinical Fellow from University of Göttingen

Dr Christiane Weinrich was a visiting clinical fellow, co-mentored by Prof. Peter Brown.  She is primarily interested in the role of oscillatory activity in underpinning functional connectivity in the brain, and how pathological changes in these affect functioning in Parkinson’s Disease. 

During her time here she performed an experiment using fMRI to study the effects of tACS in healthy controls, showing subtle and important changes in connectivity patterns during beta frequency stimulation.  Her results are currently being written up for publication.


Paul Reidler

Visiting Fellow from University of Munich

Paul Reidler was a visiting fellow in the lab.   He is primarily interested in combined EEG-MRS techniques, and while in the lab performed a study investigating GABA changes during naps in the scanner.  His visit forms the basis of an on-going collaboration with Dr Keeser (University of Munich).