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Person writing with pen

The human hippocampus contributes to short-term memory.

Journal article

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The heterogeneity of Alzheimer's disease.

Journal article

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Accelerated 3D multi-channel B 1 + mapping at 7 T for the brain and heart.

Journal article

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Artificial intelligence for neuro MRI acquisition: a review.

Journal article

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Oxytocin Exhibits Neuroprotective Effects on Hippocampal Cultures under Severe Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation Conditions.

Journal article

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General mechanisms of task engagement in the primate frontal cortex.

Journal article

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Anatomically plausible segmentations: Explicitly preserving topology through prior deformations

Journal article

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Concurrent spinal and brain imaging with optically pumped magnetometers

Journal article

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Multiscale Modes of Functional Brain Connectivity.

Journal article

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