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Person writing with pen

FEMA: Fast and efficient mixed‐effects algorithm for large sample whole‐brain imaging data

Journal article

Parekh P. et al, (2024), Human Brain Mapping, 45

Long COVID is associated with severe cognitive slowing: a multicentre cross-sectional study

Journal article

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RNA helicase EIF4A1-mediated translation is essential for the GC response

Journal article

Screen M. et al, (2024), Life science alliance, 7

osl-dynamics, a toolbox for modeling fast dynamic brain activity

Journal article

Gohil C. et al, (2024), eLife, 12

Distributional reinforcement learning in prefrontal cortex.

Journal article

Muller TH. et al, (2024), Nat Neurosci

Effort-based decision making and motivational deficits in stroke patients.

Journal article

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2023 Brain essay competition results.

Journal article

Husain M., (2024), Brain, 147

Terms of debate: Consensus definitions to guide the scientific discourse on visual distraction.

Journal article

Liesefeld HR. et al, (2024), Atten Percept Psychophys

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