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Person writing with pen

The first year of a new era.

Journal article

Behrens TE. et al, (2024), Elife, 13

Distributional reinforcement learning in prefrontal cortex.

Journal article

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A cognitive map for value-guided choice in ventromedial prefrontal cortex.

Journal article

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Generative replay underlies compositional inference in the hippocampal-prefrontal circuit.

Journal article

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Replay and compositional computation.

Journal article

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Peer review without gatekeeping.

Journal article

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How to build a cognitive map.

Journal article

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Decoding cognition from spontaneous neural activity.

Journal article

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Spatiotemporally resolved multivariate pattern analysis for M/EEG.

Journal article

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Reinforcement learning: Dopamine ramps with fuzzy value estimates.

Journal article

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Conference paper

Whittington JCR. et al, (2022), ICLR 2022 - 10th International Conference on Learning Representations

Experience replay is associated with efficient nonlocal learning.

Journal article

Liu Y. et al, (2021), Science, 372

Controlling precedence in sequential stimulus presentation with Euler tours


Bakermans JJW. and Behrens TEJ., (2021)

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