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Person writing with pen

Transient beta activity and cortico-muscular connectivity during sustained motor behaviour.

Journal article

Echeverria-Altuna I. et al, (2022), Prog Neurobiol

Transient beta activity and connectivity during sustained motor behaviour

Journal article

Echeverria-Altuna I. et al, (2021)

Dynamic analysis on simultaneous iEEG-MEG data via hidden Markov model.

Journal article

Zhang S. et al, (2021), Neuroimage, 233

Subjective SES is associated with children’s neurophysiological response to auditory oddballs

Journal article

Anwyl-Irvine AL. et al, (2020), Cerebral Cortex Communications

Transient spectral events in resting state MEG predict individual task responses.

Journal article

Becker R. et al, (2020), Neuroimage, 215

Do the posterior midline cortices belong to the electrophysiological default-mode network?

Journal article

Sjøgård M. et al, (2019), Neuroimage, 200, 221 - 230

Tracking dynamic brain networks using high temporal resolution MEG measures of functional connectivity.

Journal article

Tewarie P. et al, (2019), Neuroimage, 200, 38 - 50

Discovering dynamic brain networks from big data in rest and task.

Journal article

Vidaurre D. et al, (2018), Neuroimage, 180, 646 - 656

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