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Person writing with pen

Confidence Sets for Cohen's d Effect Size Images.

Journal article

Bowring A. et al, (2020), Neuroimage

Variability in the analysis of a single neuroimaging dataset by many teams.

Journal article

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Confidence Sets for Cohen’s d Effect Size Images

Working paper

Bowring A. et al, (2020)

Spatial confidence sets for raw effect size images.

Journal article

Bowring A. et al, (2019), Neuroimage, 203

Exploring the impact of analysis software on task fMRI results.

Journal article

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Spatial Confidence Sets for Raw Effect Size Images

Journal article

Bowring A. et al, (2019)

Sharing brain mapping statistical results with the neuroimaging data model.

Journal article

Maumet C. et al, (2016), Sci Data, 3

Exploring fMRI Results Space: 31 Variants of an fMRI Analysis in AFNI, FSL, and SPM.

Journal article

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