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On the open-source landscape of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

Journal article

Boudreau M. et al, (2022), Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 88, 1495 - 1497

Quantitative MRI reveals differences in striatal myelin in children with DLD

Journal article

Krishnan S. et al, (2022), eLife, 11

Functional MRI applications for intra-axial brain tumours: uses and nuances in surgical practise

Journal article

Voets NL. et al, (2022), British Journal of Neurosurgery, 1 - 16

Relationship between nuclei-specific amygdala connectivity and mental health dimensions in humans

Journal article

Klein-Flügge MC. et al, (2022), Nature Human Behaviour

TAOK2 rescues autism-linked developmental deficits in a 16p11.2 microdeletion mouse model.

Journal article

Scharrenberg R. et al, (2022), Mol Psychiatry

An Open MRI Dataset For Multiscale Neuroscience.

Journal article

Royer J. et al, (2022), Sci Data, 9

New mechanistic insights into hereditary spastic paraplegias

Journal article

Husain M., (2022), Brain, 145, 2937 - 2938

ASL-BIDS, the brain imaging data structure extension for arterial spin labeling.

Journal article

Clement P. et al, (2022), Sci Data, 9

What is Computational Psychiatry Good For?

Browning M. et al, (2022)

What is computational psychiatry good for?

Journal article

Browning M. et al, (2022), Biological Psychiatry

Brain-wide versus genome-wide vulnerability biomarkers for severe mental illnesses

Journal article

Kochunov P. et al, (2022), HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING

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