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2022 Brain essay competition results

Journal article

Husain M., (2023), Brain : a journal of neurology, 146

The Relationship between Short- and Long-Term Memory Is Preserved across the Age Range

Journal article

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Diffusion MRI data analysis assisted by deep learning synthesized anatomical images (DeepAnat)

Journal article

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Neurodegenerative disease of the brain: a survey of interdisciplinary approaches

Journal article

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Normative models for neuroimaging markers: Impact of model selection, sample size and evaluation criteria

Journal article

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Types and Concentrations of Blood-Based Biomarkers in Adults With Peripheral Neuropathies

Journal article

Fundaun J. et al, (2022), JAMA Network Open, 5, e2248593 - e2248593

Mechanisms underlying apathy in frontotemporal dementia.

Journal article

Husain M., (2022), Brain

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