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Assessment of apathy in neurological patients using the Apathy Motivation Index caregiver version

Journal article

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Beneficial Effect of Sodium Nitrite on EEG Ischaemic Markers in Patients with Subarachnoid Haemorrhage

Journal article

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Neural signatures of hyperdirect pathway activity in Parkinson's disease.

Working paper

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GABAergic inhibition in the human visual cortex relates to eye dominance.

Journal article

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Medial frontal cortex activity predicts information sampling in economic choice.

Journal article

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Speak, memory: on cognitive reserve and brain resilience

Journal article

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Placental endocrine function shapes cerebellar development and social behavior.

Journal article

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A Computational View on the Nature of Reward and Value in Anhedonia

Journal article

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About time: modelling dynamic voluntary attention.

Journal article

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Hierarchical modelling of functional brain networks in population and individuals from big fMRI data

Journal article

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