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Research groups


Verena Klar


DPhil Candidate

Research Summary

I am a final-year DPhil student in Experimental Psychology, supervised by Masud Husain and Andrew Saxe and funded by the ESRC and New College. My DPhil research focuses on the interactions of visual working memory with long-term memory and learning, broadly falling into three categories: 1) How do WM representations change with learning or prior knowledge? 2) What are the characteristics of both memory systems and (how) do humans trade off between them? 3) What is the role of working memory in learning? I use behavioural experiments and computational modelling and recently have started analysing a macaque neural dataset in collaboration with the Buschman Lab at Princeton.


Before starting my DPhil I worked as a research assistant with Masud Husain, gaining experience in research into healthy ageing and Parkinson’s disease, using neuropsychological assessments, eye-tracking and MEG. I completed my MSc in Psychological Research from the University of Edinburgh, during which I worked on human function learning with Chris Lucas. Through side projects and previous appointments, I was also able to learn about machine learning for cross-cultural dementia detection and topics in medical ethics.