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Usama Pervaiz

DPhil Student Clinical Neuroscience

Machine learning for multimodal neuroimaging analysis

I am a Graduate DPhil Student in the FMRIB Analysis Group and a member of St. Hilda’s College. I am primarily interested in applying deep machine learning techniques to advance precision in multimodal neuroimaging analyses, as well as the prediction of disease outcomes (particularly with a focus on mental outcomes) from UK biobank multimodal Imaging data.  

I originally hail from Pakistan where I went to university at National University of Science and Technology (NUST) and obtained my Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. From there I sought Master’s degree in Medical Imaging and Analysis through the Erasmus Mundus programme. During my Master’s programme, I studied and worked in different labs, including French Center for Scientific Research, Radboud University Medical Center (Netherlands), and Duke University (USA). During my Master’s, I focused on multiple projects of applying deep learning techniques to medical imaging analyses in a variety of domains, including detection of lung disease, breast cancer, macular lesions, brain tumors, and skin cancer, as well as organ segmentation.