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Sebastian W Rieger

Dipl.-Ing.(FH), MSc, PhD

Imaging Support Scientist

  • Joint position at OHBA and FMRIB

Sebastian Rieger is an MRI physicist in Stuart Clare’s Translational Imaging and MRI Physics Support team, helping researchers who use the 3T and 7T MRI scanners at FMRIB and OHBA.

Sebastian received his degree in Medical Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Ulm, Germany, before moving to Scotland, where he obtained his MSc and PhD in Medical Physics from the University of Aberdeen.

After eight years as MRI physicist and MRI platform manager at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, Sebastian joined OHBA and FMRIB in early 2016 to help set up the new MRI platform, provide physics support to users of MRI, and pursue research on benchmarking and optimisation of functional imaging protocols.

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