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If you've undergone a brain damage and are suffering from spatial neglect, and would like to learn about participating in our studies, please contact:

Pierre Petitet

DPhil Student

I’m a Marie Curie fellow in the Adaptive Brain Computations network (EC Seventh framework initial training network) and I'm doing my Dphil in the Plasticity group under the supervision of Dr. Jacinta O'Shea and Prof. Heidi Johansen-Berg.

I’m generally interested in how the brain integrates relevant information from its environment to generate optimised behaviour and how this faculty can adapt to changes in external or internal constraints. I’m particularly interested in attentional processes in the brain and their alteration after stroke as it is the case in spatial neglect. Neglect is a complex multi-faced neurological syndrome that affects ~ 50% of right-hemisphere stroke patients and its core defining feature is that patients lose the capacity to voluntarily control attention in the left half of space. In my research, I combine MRI techniques, transcranial brain stimulation and behavioural training to test a new method of rehabilitation for post-stroke neglect patients. I also use these techniques to better understand neural mechanisms underlying visuospatial attention in the healthy brain.

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