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Marianne Aspbury

DPhil Student

Marianne (Maz) Aspbury is a current DPhil student who joined the Paediatric Neuroimaging group in 2019. She is supervised by Dr Eugene Duff and Professor Rebeccah Slater and collaborates with other members of the group to further neonatal pain research.

In particular, Marianne is looking to develop interpretable neuroimaging signatures from EEG and fMRI which are useful for neonatal clinical trials (measuring pain / modelling inherent pain sensitivity) and clinical practice (e.g. assessing possible sensitivity of individuals to inform treatment).

She is a member of Pembroke College, and is funded by EPSRC/MRC through the Systems Approaches to Biomedical Sciences Centre for Doctoral Training (SABS CDT). She is also part-funded by Reckitt Benckiser (RB) in a collaboration which aims to aid the development of neuroimaging biomarkers for clinical trials, by drawing on their expertise in the regulatory process.

Maz is currently an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Rep for the SABS CDT, an active member of the Oxford WIN Pride network, and a College Welfare Rep for 2019/20.

Previously, she completed an Integrated Master’s degree (MSci) in Natural Sciences, Majoring in Physics with Chemistry, at the University of Bath. She has worked on various short research projects within broader themes of computational biology and health.