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Lev Tankelevitch


Attention Group (Stokes Lab)

As part of the Attention Group with Mark Stokes and the Decision and Action Lab with Matthew Rushworth, I am interested in how our visual attention is influenced by learning experiences, particularly those reinforced through reward (e.g., the allure of McDonald's Golden Arches and their association with gratifying food). Specifically, my research looks at how associating reinforcement parameters such as reward magnitude and probability with visual stimuli in one context biases attentional selection of those stimuli in another context. Using neuroimaging methods such as MEG and fMRI, I am probing the neural dynamics of such reward-driven attentional capture and the ways in which it predicts behaviour.


I completed my BSc in Psychology Research at the University of Toronto in Canada, where I studied visual perception and attention in the ageing population.  Following this, I obtained an MSc in Neuroscience from the University of Oxford, completing my research rotations with Mark Walton, looking at the role of dopamine in action initiation, and with Matthew Rushworth, investigating top-down attentional control in visual cortex.