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College of Optometrists Research Excellence Award: The Philip Cole Prize for Practice Based Research 2018

NIHR Clinical Doctoral Fellowship

NIHR Thames Valley and South Midland Health Research Award 2016 for "Outstanding Research Practitioner".

Best Poster Prize Hospital Optometrists Annual Conference 2016

"VITAMIN A DEFICIENCY IN AN AUTISTIC DIET; A CASE STUDY (Watch out for those Fussy Eaters)" Charles Cottriall and Jasleen K Jolly

Electronic Visual Acuity

With the approval of gene therapy, the importance of accurate assessment of visual acuity in retinal disease causing visual field loss is higher than ever. This video shows a project conducted to find trategies to optimise this measurement in time for gene therapy coming to the clinic.

Jasleen Kaur Jolly

DPhil MSc BSc (Hons) MCOptom

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

  • Specialist Research Optometrist
  • Vision Scientist
  • Visual Neuroscientist
  • Clinical electrophysiologist (ophthalmic)

Jasleen Kaur Jolly is an optometrist working between the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology and Wellcome Integrative Neuroimaging Centre, University of Oxford, and Oxford Eye Hospital. She studied at Cardiff University, the University of Manchester, and Oxford University (Merton College) working across the world in various settings to gain a wide range of experience, including electrophysiology. She is actively involved in clinical research in the fields of retinal gene therapy, surgical outcomes and low vision. Her main interest is improving outcome measures following interventions for ophthalmic diseases and promoting a career in clinical translational research for optometrists embedded in multidisciplinary teams.

She is keen to develop new and innovative ways to assess visual measures and has promoted cross domain working. For this reason she was shortlisted for 2 AGI awards in 2015;

The Award for Excellence in Research & Development, and The Award for Excellence With Impact.

She also won the NIHR Thames Valley Health Research Award 2016 for "Outstanding Research Practitioner", and the College of Optometrists Philip Cole Prize for Practice Based Research in November 2018.

Jasleen's research specialises in the translational front to take lab and theoretical research into human clinical trials for ocular conditions, and ultimately treatment. There are 3 key areas of interest:

1) Investigation of visual function and retinal structure in inherited retinal degeneration. Using this knowledge to help design clinical protocols for new interventional therapies, with a special interest in first in man gene therapy trials. This knowledge of the disease process is also used to improve low vision care for patients.

2) The interaction between the eye and brain in eye disease. Of specific interest is the impact of visual field loss on the way the information is processed in the brain, incorporating neuroscience and ophthalmology.

3) The psychological impact of vision loss and improving this aspect of care.  

Empathy in low vision

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