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Research groups

James Larkin

MBiochem, PhD, FHEA

Senior postdoctoral researcher

Research Summary

My research spans the diagnosis and characterisation of tumours, primarily brain metastases.

For diagnosis, I use metabolomics. This is a technique that uses NMR to analyse biofluids, such as urine and blood plasma. NMR is followed by multivariate statistical analyses which are used to build classification models capable of separating cohorts from each other – an example would be the separation of patients with and without brain metastases.

For characterisation, I use advanced MRI techniques to image brain tumours non-invasively. I'm particularly interested in functional imaging, such as blood flow, and using these images to more accurately define true tumour extent in the brain.


James' first degree was in Biochemistry at the University of Oxford which he followed with work at the Sanger Institute in Cambridge and the University of Essex. He completed his PhD at Warwick University before moving back to Oxford to begin work in the Department of Oncology. In addition to his research, he is a Lecturer in Biochemistry at Trinity College, focussing on molecular cell biology.

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