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Jacob M. Levenstein

DPhil (PhD) Researcher

Jacob joined the Physiological Neuroimaging Group following his post as a Junior Research and Laboratory Manager at the Oxford Cognitive Neuropsychological Centre, located within the Department Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford. He has been awarded a National Institutes of Health Oxford Cambridge Scholars Fellowship and is conducting his DPhil (PhD) with Dr. Charlotte Stagg and Dr. Nele Demeyere in Oxford and with Dr. Peter Bandettini at the NIH.

Jacob’s work focuses on quantifying the physiological effects of non-invasive brain stimulation as measured by magnetic resonance imaging. Specifically, he will focus on measuring the relationships between stimulation and individual differences in hemodynamic responses, brain state dependences and neurochemical concentrations. In addition, he will continue his work with the Oxford Cognitive Neuropsychological Centre, focusing on brain imaging stroke and developing lesion mapping analyses. 

Jacob is a member of Corpus Christi College and is located between the Oxford Centre for Functional MRI of the Human Brain (FMRIB), the Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity (OHBA), and the Section on Functional Imaging Methods within the Laboratory of Brain and Cognition at the National Institutes of Health.