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Istvan N. Huszar

M.D., D.Phil.

Postdoctral Researcher in Quantitative MRI of ALS

Developing image analysis methods to study the microarchitecture of the healthy and diseased brain.

I am interested in developing computational algorithms to precisely align and co-analyse images of complementary modalities. On an everyday basis, I work with large sets of microscopy and MRI images of both human and non-human primate brains. My goal is to better understand what clinical imaging can reveal about the microarchitecture of our brains, and how this information can be used to devise new disease-specific biomarkers of neurodegenerative conditions.

I am the lead developer and maintainer of the Tensor Image Registration Library (TIRL). This Python 3 package is distributed with FSL, and a rolling release is available to download from my GitLab page. TIRL is a platform for developing bespoke image registration pipelines. TIRL has been used to register the datasets in the Digital Brain Zoo and the Digital Pathologist repositories of the  
WIN Digital Brain Bank.