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Frida Printzlau

Attention Group (Stokes Lab)

Research Interests

I am a DPhil student supervised by Mark Stokes, Sanjay Manohar and Nicholas Myers. I am interested in how information is selected and prioritized in working memory. Working memory is the ability to keep information in mind over short periods of time and use this flexibly to make decisions and guide behavior. My current project focuses on how different visual features of memory items are bound together in working memory when they are attended or unattended. During my DPhil, I will use methods such as human behavior and neuroimaging (EEG/MEG) as well as analysis of monkey Local Field Potentials (LFPs).


I did my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Philosophy at Oxford University. After graduating, I worked as a Research Assistant at the UCL Institute for Child Health and later at Warwick University Medical School. I returned to Oxford in 2016 to start my DPhil as part of the Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Program. I am funded by the BBSRC.