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Andrei Roibu


DPhil Student

Mapping brain network activity from structural connectivity using deep learning


Andrei is an Industrial Fellow of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 and a UKRI EPSRC Scholar, currently working towards a DPhil in Deep Learning applied in Neuroimaging. His work is conducted under the supervision of Professor Stephen Smith, Dr. Ana Namburete and Dr. Frederik Lange in the FMRIB Analysis Group, Big Data, Imaging Genetics and Statistics team, and in collaboration with F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, being co-supervised by Dr. Torsten Schindler and Dr. Stanislaw Adaszewski on behalf of the company.

His main research interests are concerned with the application of artificial intelligence, and in particular deep learning, to neuroimaging. Building on previous work highlighting the correlations between structural and functional information, Andrei's DPhil focuses on developing a deep learning algorithm capable of translating between an individual's structural and functional connectivities, by learning the underlying relationships between them. To ensure sufficient biological insight and variability, this work uses large clinical imaging datasets from the UK Biobank

Before his time in Oxford, Andrei has completed his MEng in Aerospace Engineering top of his class at the University of Sheffield under the supervision of Professor Eleni Vasilaki, with his masters dissertation investigating the design of artificial intelligence agents for games using deep reinforcement learning and biologically plausible neuromorphic training algorithms. During his studies Andrei also completed several research-focused placements in Rolls-Royce Plc within the Future Technologies Group, a multidisciplinary team tasked with performing strategic research. In these roles, Andrei conducted research on 3D computer vision algorithms for component defect identification and computational models designed for capturing the dynamics of aviation markets and their reaction to novel aircraft designs, as well as working in the team designing a novel vertical take-off hybrid-electrical air taxi. In addition to this, Andrei also participated in a European Space Agency led program to design a mission to the Earth's Moon for probing the lunar surface for water particles.


Industrial Fellowship (Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, 2021)

Leader of Tomorrow (Global Biotech Revolution GapSummit, 2020)

Mappin Medal and Premium (University of Sheffield, 2019)

Special Distinction for Excellence at University Level in Europe (League of Romanian Students Abroad, 2018)

"Sir Harold West" Award (University of Sheffield, 2015)

Industrial Sponsor

1851 Royal Commission Fellow