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Alexander Skates

DPhil Student

Deep learning of resting state brain dynamics


Alex is a DPhil student based out of OHBA and FMRIB, and working in collaboration with Roche. He is jointly supervised by Mark WoolrichStephen Smith, and Markus von Kienlin, and funded by the EPSRC, MRC, and Roche as part of the SABS DTC. He is a member of Kellogg College.


Alex in interested in the applications of deep learning towards enabling a greater understanding of resting state networks (RSNs) in the brain. He is currently trying to build a model that can capture the temporal dynamics of RSNs.


Alex studied mathematics as an undergraduate at the University of York, focusing on mathematical physics. After a hiatus from university, he completed a masters degree in Molecular Medicine, completing a six-month research project examining the transcriptional networks that characterised low-penetrance breast cancer susceptibility. Following that, he joined the SABS DTC programme at Oxford. He completed two 11-week projects; one a preliminary investigation into the topic he is currently researching now, and the other looking at the integration of multi-omic data sets when constructing regulatory networks. He then decided to pursue his first project as a complete DPhil.