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The WIN Open Neuroimaging Steering Group leads the Open WIN project.

Flow chart of Open Neuroimaging

WIN is an open science community with a positive culture for sharing data, tasks, tools and protocols, and research practices that improve the transparency, reproducibility and impact of our outputs and accelerate translation to the clinic. We develop the technical and ethical framework to facilitate and promote sharing while protecting the security of participant data and enhancing our scientific pursuits



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Contact us if you have any questions or comments and if you’d like to get involved in Open Neuroimaging at the WIN   



How the Open Neuroimaging steering group is formed. Made up of the Open Acquisitions, Open Data, Open Tasks and Open Analysis groups.

The steering group has identified 4 key areas of work and set up teams that will work on these different aspects of the Open Science Project.  Each group has agreed the aims and success criteria for their area.

Steering Group:

Clare Mackay - Open Science Academic Lead

Cassandra Gould Van Praag - Open Science Coordinator

Stuart Clare - Open Acquisitions 

Laurence Hunt - Open Tasks

Dejan Draschkow - Open Tasks

Andrew Quinn - Open Analysis

Matthew South - Open Data

Matthew Webster - Open Analysis

Thomas Nichols - Open Analysis

Ali Mahmoodi - Non Human Applications

Duncan Mortimer - Open Science IT development 

David Flitney  - Open Science IT development