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MRI Scanner © John Cairns

While the radiography team is a familiar fixture at the heart of WIN'S data collection and safety efforts, research radiography in general remains a relatively unknown facet of the profession. However, this seems to be changing.

OHBA and FMRIB have recently received an increased number of requests from radiography students looking to undertake elective training placements with us here in Oxford.

Diagnostic Radiography combines the practice skills needed to operate complex imaging equipment and work with patient groups with an understanding of physics, anatomy and physiology, medical ethics and law, psychology and many other topics.

Research radiography incorporates novel imaging application not generally seen in clinical practice with an understanding of research ethics and the ability to act as an advocate for research participants. The role expands the safety, training and logistical and functions of the clinical radiographer while developing project management, education and public engagement components.

These aspects appear to be of increasing interest to students as well as the high and ultra-high field MRI imaging work conducted at WIN.

The radiography team is keen to encourage further interest from students. We have hosted three students so far this year already and this has been a very positive experience for both the students and staff.

We intend to host more students and deliver careers talks at UK universities training radiographers so that the next generation of medical imaging graduates will gain an insight into how the profession operates in the research environment.

Hopefully, this will ensure that MRI research centres across the country will benefit from an expanding pool of highly motivated, professional, applicants able to join their core staff already familiar with the demands of the role.