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Rogier Mars

WIN researcher Rogier Mars features in the newest podcast episode from Oxford Sparks, the University's online platform for sharing science accessibly through podcasts and videos. Roger's podcast episode, "What makes the human brain so special?", was released on 1 November:

"We often hear that we're remarkably similar to our primate relatives, both in terms of our genetics and our behaviour. We're social beings. We use tools. But only humans have come to dominate the planet – why? Could the answer lie in the small differences between the human brain and that of other primates? In this episode of the Oxford Sparks Big Questions Podcast, we talk to neuroscientist Dr Rogier Mars about what makes the human brain so special. Please note that Dr Rogier Mars and his team work on the brains of non-human primates that have died of natural causes, and have subsequently been donated for research purposes."

Listen to the episode here