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  • Introduction to fMRI

    Hannah Devlin describes how fMRI works and how it is used to discover how the brain works. With additional contributions by Stuart Clare and Irene Tracey.

  • How is fMRI Used?

    Hannah Devlin explains how fMRI is used and answers some common criticisms of fMRI. With additional contributions by Stuart Clare and Heidi Johansen-Berg.

  • Live fMRI Experiment

    On 16 March 2018, as part of our Brain Awareness Week activities, we broadcast an fMRI experiment, live, from our 7 Tesla MRI scanner.

  • A Spin Around the Brain

    A short animation about fMRI, voiced by Ruby Wax, produced by Oxford Sparks and FMRIB researchers.

  • Why are physicists working in neuroscience?

    There are over 30 physicists working our centre. Four of them describe why neuroscience needs physicists.

  • MRI and Big Data

    Centre Scientists are heavily involved in the UK Biobank Project, that is scanning 100,000 people to help improve early detection of neurological conditions.

  • MRI Explained

    Daniel Bulte explains the theory underlying MRI