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Rosette - Vice chancellor's award for public engagement with research

Inside the Covid Brain

Researcher looking at scans from an MRI scanner

Find out how our researchers are using MRI to study the effect of COVID on the brain?

Watch Inside the COVID Brain


Neurosci for Teachers - MindfulnessWhat is mindfulness, and what difference might it make in young brains?

Watch Mindfulness

Exercise and the Brain

Neurosci for teachers - active brainWhat is the link between physical activity and the brain?

Watch Exercise and the Brain

Talking Brains

MRI brain scans of two peopleWhat is the role of different brain regions in the development of language skills?

Watch Talking Brains


Four Ice creams in conesWhat is dopamine, and how does reward shape the developing brain?

Watch Reward and the Brain

Making MRI Faster

Drawing of the brainHow data compression tricks can make MRI scans faster.

Watch Making MRI Faster

investigating brain cells

Model of the brainWhy we compare MRI scans of people to microscope pictures of brain tissue.

Watch Investigating Brain Cells

MRI and treating stroke

Drawing of female scientistNew methods give doctors better information about how to treat a stroke.

Watch MRI and Treating Stroke


Cartoon of MRI scanner

Find out what we are learning about the link between the brain and breathing.

Watch Breathing and the Brain