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  • Primary Schools

    Our scientists love showing primary school children how MRI works and giving them a chance to make up their own experiments to do on our scanners.

  • Secondary Schools

    We regularly go out into secondary schools to speak about neuroscience and invite secondary school students into the lab to find out what neuroscience research is really like.

  • Museums and Festivals

    Our scientists regularly attend science fairs and put on exhibitions at local museums.

  • Patient Group and Public Involvement

    Consulting with the public about our research is an essential part of the science we do.

  • Online

    Video and other digital content to engage with a worldwide audience

  • The Creative Brain

    Bringing together people from a wide range of disciplines, providing a forum to provoke thought and dialogue about how our understanding of neuroscience can impact on all aspects of our lives, and how insights from other fields can enrich our study of neuroscience.

  • Media

    Our scientists regularly appear on national media to explain the impact that our work has.

  • Public Engagement Ambassadors

    We have appointed our third cohort of six Public Engagement Ambassadors to lead and develop public engagement activities in the lab.