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The WIN Admin team is happy to help with any questions.

Introducing the New Admin Team 

  • There have been a number of changes and new appointments in the past 6 months and the WIN admin team would like to introduce themselves, and ensure you know how each of them can help you.

  • Please email the team's inbox and the most-relevant team member will get back to you. 

Iske Bakker - Research Coordinator & Interim WIN Centre Manager

Iske Bakker - Research Coordinator & Interim WIN Centre Manager

Iske is acting as interim WIN centre manager alongside Kaitlin Krebs while Nancy Rawlings is on maternity leave. She is also Research Coordinator for Tim Behrens and Heidi Johansen-Berg. 

She manages the admin team alongside Stuart and makes sure projects get pushed to completion.







She can help you with: 

- Ethics applications 

- Fellowship applications

- WIN grant expenses 


Daniel Cockburn​ - Administrative Assistant, WIN

WIN Logo red and whiteDan is the administrative assistant that has been working at reception since    August 2023 and is your go-to person for all things admin at FMRIB.






He can help you with: 

 - Welcoming new starters, delivering inductions, and providing building  access 

 - Catering enquiries 

 - FMRIB and Annexe building issues and queries

 - Stationery and office supplies 


Eugenie La Grange​ - Executive Assistant and Administrative Support, WIN

Eugenie La Grange - Executive Assistant, Wellcome Centre for Integrative NeuroimagingEugenie has been the Executive Assistant to Heidi Johansen-Berg, Stuart Clare, and Karla Miller since November 2023, and assists with admin support at FMRIB. 







She can help you with: 

- Liaising with speakers and hosts for events

- The Monday Message 

- Any questions regarding the WIN website


Ellie Higginbotham​ - Operations Facilitator and Executive Assistant to the Director, OHBA

Ellie Higginbotham - OHBA Operations Facilitator and EA to Mark WoolrichEllie took over from long-standing linchpin Sarah Clayton, as the manager of day-to-day operations at OHBA in October 2023.







She can help you with: 

- Inductions and new starters 

- Building access 

- IT equipment, stationary, and office supplies 

-  Any ad-hoc problem at OHBA  


Kaitlin Krebs​ - Interim WIN Centre Manager 

WIN Logo red and white

 Kaitlin is the Research Grants Coordinator for Steve Smith, Karla Miller, Charlie Stagg and Jason Lerch. She is a WIN EDI Administrator and WIN Thrive member, and is the co-interim WIN centre manager with Iske. 






She can help you with:

- Open access monitoring and guidance

- Visitor requests​



PhD Stuart Clare - Associate Professor and Director of Operations, WIN Stuart is the Director of Operations at WIN. He is key to keeping the concept of one collective ‘WIN’ alive across the sites. 

Speak to Stuart if you have any questions about any aspects of the operations at WIN. 







Further help

If your question is not answered here, then please get in touch with us at and we'll do our best to help.