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The "Taster in Coaching" has been rescheduled and is now open for sign-up. The facilitator for the seminar is Jarlath Brine, Staff Development Manager at the Department of Engineering Science and experienced career coach. 

The session is open to all researchers at the WIN, including post-doctoral researchers, research assistants, graduate students, academic visitors, core staff and supervisors. 

To make signing up easy, simply give me 'a thumbs up' reaction to this email if you would like to join. 

Coaching is a conversational skill that helps in identifying and achieving personal and professional goals. Coaching is often taught in leadership courses for researchers as an essential skill to facilitate collaborations and problem solving. 

In this bespoke 1-h session for the WIN, participants will learn what coaching is and get a taster of being a coach or coachee. No prior experience is required.

This seminar replaces the regular WIN Wednesday slot, so there will be no WIN Wednesday that week.

The session will be in-person for up to 15 participants and will not be recorded.

The workshop handouts can be accessed here.