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Reach below

First of all please do reach out to us to let us know - we need to update our records. 

For IT billing you must get your PI or supervisor to log into and add your profile under 'IS DELEGATED FOR BY'. They can do this by clicking on 'Add Delegate' and then selecting your name. You will now be able to see their IT bills when your log onto - you should see a box titled ‘I delegate for”, your PI or supervisor's IT bills should be visible under ‘View Bills’. To edit people i.e., close accounts, click under ‘View Group’. If you require any assistance, please reach do reach out to us. When requesting closures please also email for confirmation. You'll need to add in what to do with any information held on a particular account i.e., delete or archive. 

For scan billing please get your PI or supervisor to add you as 'owner' and under 'users'. You will then receive scan bills when they are generated. If you have any issues please email us.

Welcome to WIN

To help you get started please check out our FAQ list for the latest updates, staff directory, forms, and useful documents. For events and seminars that happen at WIN please check out our events calendar - events are also announced on our Monday Message, a weekly email you will be registered for once you complete the steps below.   


You will need to create a WIN profile through our WIN Registration System. You can do this by logging in using your SSO username and password. Then click on "Update Profile" to complete any missing details, select your PI’s name from the drop-down list.  

You can control your mailing list subscriptions and request a WIN computing account (if needed for data analysis) through your WIN registration page.  

Please note you will need a grant code from your PI in order to request a computing account so please talk to them first if you think you might need a WIN computing account.

For building access click on or search FMRIB, OHBA or BSB within the ‘Facilities’ category.

Researcher Hub

As well as all the content on the WIN Website, there is lots of other content useful to researchers at Oxford on the Researcher Hub.


If you have any questions, please email