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The WIN's workhorse human MRI scanners are two modern 3 Tesla Siemens Prisma machines - one at OHBA, and one at FMRIB.

OHBA 3 Tesla Human MRI Scanner

MRI is an incredibly versatile imaging technique. By carefully manipulating the way MRI measures different tissue properties, it is possible to obtain a host of different kinds of images that show very different information. In neuroscience, MRI can be used to produce detailed three dimensional images of brain anatomy, and to map the white matter connections between brain areas. Of particular interest is the ability to perform functional imaging, where MRI picks up on subtle changes in blood flow caused by the fluctuations in oxygen consumption associated with brain activity.

State-of-the-art instruments, with high-performance imaging gradients, 64-channel receive coils, and the latest GPU enabled image reconstruction computers, these dedicated research scanners are supplemented with comprehensive stimulus presentation, participant response, and physiological measurement instrumentation including eye tracking. Keeping the setup practically identical between OHBA and FMRIB, from instrumentation to MRI sequences, allows researchers to run their studies on either system.

Both facilities are also set up to perform concurrent EEG-fMRI, combining the advantages of both techniques (the temporal resolution of EEG and the spatial resolution of MRI), and to process functional MRI in real time for neurofeedback studies.

If you are interested in using the 3 Tesla Human MRI facilities, please contact (FMRIB) or (OHBA)