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This working group is made up of WIN staff and students who are motivated by a shared goal of improving our centre for members of the LGBTI+ community.  We aim to increase awareness of issues facing LGBTI+ professionals in academia, improve support from allies, and promote visibility of role models.

If you are a member of WIN, find resources and information developed by the group on the WIN Intranet.

What the group has achieved to date

  • We developed our strategic vision. This informs our ongoing activities in 2019-20 and beyond.
  • Together with Wellcome, we re-designed the WIN logo to celebrate LGBT Pride Month.  This idea was adopted by other Wellcome Centres.
  • We have hosted a number of leaders from the LGBTI+ STEM community to speak at the WIN throughout the year, including: Dr. Clara Barker (Uni. of Oxford) & Dr. Lilly Hunt (EDIS/Wellcome/Francis Crick Inst.)

Got ideas?

Contact our LGBTI+ Champion: Andy Segerdahl (