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Guidance for WIN Website Editors

To ensure consistency, please keep to the following conventions when creating events for the WIN Website.


Log in as an editor and navigate to

From the top menu, Add new… -> Event

Fill in the following fields only:

Title: Event or talk title.  For WIN Seminars where there is no title, use the Speaker’s Name but omit name below.

Short title: This field is used to create the URL, and it is nice to use something short rather than the default that the system will use which is to hypenate the whole title. e.g. WIN Seminars: win-seminar-oct-howard; WIP: wips-1; Graduate Program: gradprog-mt-1

Dates: Enter the start date/time and end date/time using the box on the right.  The time sliders are a bit fiddly at first, but you get used to them.  Leave publishing and expiration date empty.

Summary: This appears in the listing.  A short sentence about the event is optional (if it makes the listing clearer).

External link: DON'T USE FOR MOST EVENTS.  If the main details for the event are elsewhere and you just want it listed on the events page then fill this in.  When users click on the listing they will go straight to this page.  Don’t use this by default, only if the primary purpose is to advertise an external event.  Don’t use this for the Teams URL (see below)

Text: This is the main block of text for the event page.  If you want to include an image, we suggest adding it here (W240, left aligned) and not in the main media box.  This text could include an abstract of the talk. 

Speaker: If there is a single speaker then this can be added here, together with their affiliation.  It will also appear in the listing.  If you used the speakers name as the title, don’t duplicate here, just put the affiliation. 

Contact: If there is an event host then put their email address here (it will appear as ‘Hosted by …’ on the event page.  We are recommending using email addresses for style, rather than name, unless the host is not the organiser, when you can use their name and omit email address. 

Contact URL: This is the link that the above text will link to.  Use (for example).  If there is a host, but they are not the organiser, then don’t put anything here, but put details of how to contact organiser in the main text.

Related Course: If it is part of an existing course, then select that course.  Don’t worry if course is not listed, leave empty.

Price/Price Unit: Do not use – put in main text if needed 

Subscribe URL: If you are providing a Teams link (or other way to register) we recommend putting it here, with the text either ‘Join via Teams’ or ‘Register’.  If you don’t want to give out a link publicly then ask about options. 

Additional Content – Do not use – put in main text if needed

Location: The map tool doesn’t work well (a large map is placed at the top of the listing).   So do not use the Location Map, but you can put text in the ‘Location’ text box.

  • If the meeting is Online only – ‘Online via Teams’
  • If the meeting is Hybrid – ‘Hybrid via Teams and in the Cowey Room, WIN Annexe’
  • If the meeting is in person only – ‘Cowey Room, WIN Annexe’ 

Lead Image: Don’t use a Lead Image (use an image in the text instead, see above). 

Listing image: Please use a listing image, as follows:

  • Seminar speaker (where the speaker is the main attraction) – use their photo.  Note that images will be displayed in 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • WIN Wednesday (other than speaker) – use the relevant WIN Wednesday logo image (search for “WINWed”)
  • Graduate programme – use the ‘Graduate Programme’ Image
  • Public – ideally a relevant image or search the image library for a suitable images (e.g. “Public Engagement: St Edmund Hall Reseach Expo”, or “Magnetic Moments”)
  • Social – search for the image “EDI.jpg”
  • Training – if part of a programme, then use that programme image, otherwise search for the image “Training.jpg”

Categorisation: This is important.  Please select the appropriate category or categories.  If it is a WIN Seminar speaker on a WIN Wednesday session then add both categories.  If it is a training session on a WIN Wednesday then select both.  If it is in the graduate programme then don’t also select training.  Only leave this blank if it really doesn’t fit in any category. It will then be listed under ‘other’.

Publish: Once you save your event, you will also need to ‘Publish’ for it to appear to users who are not logged in.

Promoted Events

To list an event in the ‘promoted’ section (maximum of 2), navigate to the events page and ‘Edit’.  Under the ‘Promoted’ tab, search for the event to add, and remove an old one.