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To allow students and staff view recordings of lectures and seminars, WIN uses the University of Oxford 'Replay' system.

Recordings are only made available to staff and students of the University of Oxford, or academic visitors from other institutions who have a formal visitor agreement with the University of Oxford.  Recordings are sometime limited further.


Lecturers are asked to record their consent for us to store the recordings by using one of the following forms:

Staff/Students internal to the University (with SSO)

Your consent lasts for all recordings made during the full academic year (Oct-Sept).  If you do not want a specific recording to be made available then please ensure the meeting host is aware, or email


External Speakers

Your consent is valid for the single lecture for which you were forwarded this link.  If you change your mind after completing this form, or have any other questions, please email


Participant in a recorded session/lecture

If you participate in a recorded session then your consent to store this can be given here.  This needs to be granted on a session by session basis.


Public sharing of recordings

If your recording is to be made available for public sharing you need to fill out a separate form, available here, and return it to or whoever is publishing your recording.


Full details

See the links below for full details of the Replay system and the University Educational Recordings Policy

Welcome to the Replay Service | IT Help (

Educational Recordings Policy | Academic Support (